Who we are

Certainly a family out of the ordinary!!

Silvia is a Sociologist from Italy, who worked for womens rights abroad and Henrik is an enviromental ingeneer from Sweden. We met in Spain in 1999 and after many years travelling and living the city life we wanted to offer our three kids a different life style.

We sought a compromise between our different cultures and interests and we found it in Tuscany: the peace of country life and nature’s beauty on one hand, and the history, art and social lfe for which Tuscany is famous on the other hand.

After a long search in 2017 we found Ca`Solare, a romantic farm from 1800 among the olives hills, with 360° views. Reached his fortys Henrik wanted to make his dream true, living close to nature, growing organic food and spending time with the family.

Silvia takes care of all the complex bureaucracy which a farm, although small, entails in Italy. When she is not busy with business work, she dedicates her time in taking care of the kids and supporting social projects at the local level.

We are joyfully committed to harmonising our life with Nature and treading as lightly as possible in an “ecological journey” that is developing step by step.

We try to minimise our impact on the environment by reducing consumption, reusing, recycling and valuing quality over quantity and we are happy to share this attitude with our guests.

We are passionate about organic food, local cooking and trekking. We have also found many gems of a Tuscany known only too a few, that we want to share with you.